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Equipping and Connecting the faith community to stop human trafficking in our communities.

Faith Community Engagement - Human Trafficking - The Super Bowl

Created in partnership with the Faith Engagement Sub-committee of Minnesota’s 2018 Super Bowl Anti-Sex Trafficking Committee (co-chaired by Hennepin and Ramsey Counties and Women’s Foundation of MN) which includes over 40 anti-sex trafficking organizations - advocates, victim/survivor service providers, law enforcement agencies, businesses, cities, counties, and individual victim/survivors. 

Providing quick access to information about human trafficking in MN and ways to engage from big to small efforts – before, during and after the Super Bowl 2018.  


Recognized as a state model in the national fight to end sex trafficking: its Safe Harbor Law served as a template for the federal, bipartisan Justice for Victims of Trafficking law, passed in 2015. Minnesota was also the first state in the nation to create and fund a statewide comprehensive plan to end sex trafficking 365 days per year.  


What's the deal with the Super Bowl, anyway?

The University of Minnesota's Urban Research and Outreach-Engagement Center (UROC), analyzing hard data in 2016, had two major discoveries: (1) Large-scale events such as the Super Bowl do effect a short-term uptick of online advertising for the buying and selling of sex (though not to the extent that the media often portrays). (2) Large-scale events offer a huge opportunity to reduce and prevent future sex trafficking through public awareness and education campaigns, increased outreach to potential victims, and trauma-informed training of law enforcement, hotel and restaurant employees, and transportation outlets.  


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